Brief biography of John Keck

Director & Fellow, Institute for the Study of Nature
Instructor and staff member, Concourse, MIT

Dr. Keck holds a doctorate in physics from Columbia University (2001), where he wrote his dissertation on gamma-ray and other observations of black hole candidate GRS 1758-258. In addition to his life-long love of science, John has studied philosophy beginning in his undergraduate days. As a graduate student took courses in natural philosophy and metaphysics with scientifically-trained philosophers such as James Albrecht. In 2004, John was certified as a member of the Institute for Advanced Physics, which requires demonstrating competence in philosophy of nature by passing an exam (evaluated by Institute faculty Dr. Anthony Rizzi and Benedict Ashley, O.P.). He has delivered papers on natural philosophy at the ISN Summer Conference and the annual meetings of the American Jacques Maritain Association.His paper on natural motion in modern physics appears in the October 2007 issue of The Thomist. Dr. Keck currently works and teaches in the Concourse program at MIT.


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