ISN Discussion Groups

The Institute for the Study of Nature is an intellectual agora, a locus of discussion, debate, and cooperation for people reconsidering the question, “What is Nature?”

To facilitate discussions, we have established a number of groups:


General discussion group for the Institute. Membership is open to anyone sympathetic to (or at least respectful of) the goals of the Institute. (Mentions of theology and ethics are not by any means prohibited, but topics centered on them belong to isn-theism.)


A general discussion group for matters centered on theology and ethics within the overall framework of the ISN. (Matters related to science and philosophy should be addressed to the more general isn-discuss group.)


For announcements regarding the activities and events of the Institute.


This group allows former, current, and prospective members of the ISN Summer Seminar to keep in touch.


This page last updated on July 2, 2008