Invitation to the Summer Conference 2007

(This page is now of historical interest only.)

This summer the ISN will host its first annual Summer Conference for the students and scholars following its first annual Summer Seminar. This page contains information on the Summer Conference. Click here for information on the Summer Seminar.

The final plan and schedule for the Conference is now available, please click on this link.

The invitation to and original description of the conference remains on this page for historical reasons.

ISN Summer Conference 2007:
“The Nature of Nature”

At the end of the four days of study at the Summer Seminar, the ISN will hold a small academic conference called “The Nature of Nature” for the benefit of the students and interested scholars.

What: A one and one-half day academic conference with one or two keynote addresses, and the presentation of academic papers.  Papers are encouraged on topics ranging from anti-reductionism/holism in science to self-organization, systems theory, and complexity, to papers in natural philosophy in the neo-Aristotelian or phenomenological traditions.  See the ISN “articles, essays, and books” page to get a sense of the range or relevant topics.

Who: The keynote speaker is Dr. Phil Skell. Scholars interested in giving papers are welcome to submit their proposals along with a CV by May 11th.  Those whose papers are selected will have their travel expenses reimbursed, and may also receive a small stipend (to be determined). Any interested scholar may attend, but please notify us by May 25th that you plan to come. Also, we hope and expect the students from the preceding Summer Seminar will remain to participate, since this conference is for their benefit as well.

When: The Summer Conference begins on Friday afternoon, June 15th, at 3pm, and ends on Saturday evening.  A block of hotel rooms will be reserved, and those whose papers are accepted will have their lodging reimbursed and the Conference fee waived.

Where: The Institute of Catholic Thought of the St. John's Newman Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.

How: Please contact Henry Henry Teichert, ISN Program Director, by May 25th if you plan to attend. The fee for the Summer Conference is $50, including a group dinner on Saturday evening. The fee can be reduced or waived on a showing of need. Travel expenses to Champaign-Urbana, IL (airport code “CMI”), are generally not covered, except for those whose papers are accepted and who demonstrate need for help with travel costs (we will consider exceptions to that policy on a case-by-case basis). Paper proposals and accompanying CVs must be received by May 21th, 2007; those submitting accepted proposals will be notified of acceptance status within one week.

Questions: Contact Henry Teichert, ISN Program Director.

Hosting Co-sponsor

The Summer Seminar and Summer Conference are hosted and co-sponsored by the Institute of Catholic Thought.


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